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High-performance organizations empower team members to take ownership and foster a culture of accountability and trust. WorkView provides a robust platform to enable you to measure and operationalize these concepts.  Tracking employee tasks has never been easier.


Continuous Performance Feedback

WorkView is the only work management platform that enables continuous performance feedback. Managers have the option to leave performance feedback for any team member at the conclusion of any task. This makes your annual review process a snap!

On-Time Completion Rate

People are relying on you to get things done on time. WorkView allows you to measure and track employee on-time completion rates for anyone on your team. This provides you with the data and visibility you need to recognize high performers and develop under performers.


Nearly every team has a mix of overachievers who work crazy hours, and underachievers who are dramatically underutilized and not pulling their weight. WorkView allows you to measure utilization for anyone on your team.

Efficiency Rating

Why are tasks taking longer to complete than expected?  Is it because your team member is stuck and spinning their wheels, or is it because the task was not properly scoped?  WorkView tracks efficiency for every task and every team member so you can quickly get to the root cause.

Performance Over Time

WorkView tracks performance trends for any team member over time.  This provides you with the visibility you need to ensure all your team members are performing at an acceptable level.