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Communication and collaboration

In a workplace environment, where people have different backgrounds and personalities, it is critical that team members learn how to effectively work together. WorkView provides an incredibly robust work management platform that enables communication and collaboration at every level.


Issue Management

Do you want to spend more time solving problems? WorkView includes a comprehensive issue management module. This enables you to quickly identify issues, communicate with your team and resolve problems in real time. This is perhaps one of the most powerful capabilities in our entire platform.

Discussion threads

WorkView provides a built-in communication platform that enables users to actively communicate and collaborate with each other in real time. Users can also be notified of new activity via text, and then immediately respond via text.


WorkView allows users to attach any email to a task. This ensures that any communication that is sent via email is properly captured and shared with everyone on the team who needs access to that information.

Review work

What happens when a task is complete? Our platform includes workflows that allow managers to create review comments that must be cleared before a task can be closed out. Managers can pick and choose which tasks they want to review.

Team task assignments

Many tasks require multiple people to work together in order to successfully complete a task. WorkView allows users to assign multiple team members to any task. Our solution even allows you to invite guest users to a task without incurring additional license fees.