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Continuous Performance Feedback

The days of the annual performance review are dying. People want continuous performance feedback throughout the year. It provides you with an opportunity to praise and recognize high performers and coach and develop underperformers. WorkView is the only work management solution that supports continuous performance feedback.


Task Level Performance Feedback

Managers have the option to leave performance feedback for any team member at the conclusion of any task. Team members are measured on their overall quality, communication and timeliness for a task, along with some narrative feedback.

Give praise with fun animations

Recognizing high performers costs you nothing, but can dramatically improve morale and decrease turnover. As part of your performance review process you can choose to assign any of our 15 fun animations to recognize your top performers.

Request Performance Feedback

Managers can determine which tasks receive performance feedback. However, any team members can request feedback from their manager for any task they have completed but have not yet received performance feedback.

Respond to Feedback

Team members have the opportunity to respond to performance feedback received on any task.  This ensures that the performance feedback process is bi-directional and all facts and circumstances can be captured.

Composite Feedback Ratings

WorkView consolidates all your performance feedback and computes composite feedback rating.  You can view composite scores over any time period, and for any manager you choose.  This makes your annual review process a snap!