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Expectation setting

Setting expectations is one of the basic fundamentals of management. Unfortunately, many managers fail to do this important step resulting in employee confusion, decreased morale and higher turnover. WorkView provides you with the tools you need to effectively document and communicate all the details about want you want your team to work on.


Task assignments

WorkView allows you to assign specific tasks to your team. Whether you assign simple tasks or complex projects your team will understand exactly what you are asking them to do, and their role in the task.

Due dates

One of the key ingredients of successful expectation setting is communicating specifically when a task needs to be completed. You will never miss a deadline again because WorkView allows you to assign a specific due date for every task.

Estimated hours

Due dates ensure that a task is completed on time, but they are not necessarily a good measurement of efficiency. WorkView allows you the ability to estimate how many hours each task should take to complete, and then report on the variances.


What happens if someone on your team has questions about a task?  WorkView provides you with a real time communication platform that enables all the team members on a task to communicate with each other.

Task Assignment and Acceptance Workflows

WorkView includes a complete set of workflows that ensure every task you assign to a team member is acknowledged and accepted.  You can even ping someone who has not yet accepted a task you assigned them.  Anyone who declines a task must provide the reason for declining the task.