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Do you really know what your team is working on? Chances are you have some team members who are working so hard they are at risk of burnout, and others who are hiding and only doing just enough to stay off your radar. WorkView gives you the visibility you need so you can balance the workload across your entire team.


See everything your team is working on

WorkView was designed from the ground up to capture ALL the work your team is working on. This visibility provides you with the information to actively manage each team task list.

Scheduling and Capacity Planning

Who has the capacity over the next 2 weeks to work on your next big project? Alternatively, who has capacity but is not asking for something to do? WorkView gives you full visibility into every team members schedule and capacity.

Real Time Dashboards

WorkView enables you to configure real time dashboards for each of your team members. Measure things such as current workload, utilization, and performance over time. WorkView provides you with the data so you can start asking the right questions.

Notifications and Alerts

Every manager has to deal with problems, but many problems are avoidable.  WorkView allows you to configure specific notifications and alerts that help you identify potential problems before the house is on fire.

Health Status

See the overall health status of every task at a glance.  This enables you to quickly identify problem areas and provide assistance where it is most needed.