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It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  That is why we created numerous real time dashboard modules that provide a snapshot of your tasks and other operational data.  Many of these dashboards are interactive and can be configured to provide you the exact data set you want to see when you need it.

View trends over time

WorkView allows you to see important trends over time.  For example, you can track performance ratings for your anyone on your team over time.  This allows you to measure consistency over time and identify the general trajectory for quality, communication, and timeliness.

View current data points

How many tasks are on your plate right now?  What is the overall health of your entire workload?  WorkView makes answering these and other questions easy.  We provide real time dashboard modules to help you better understand exactly where things stand today.

Embedded Context Sensitive Dashboards

WorkView provides you with a different set of dashboards for every segment of the application.  For example, if you are in Tasks, the chart side bar is populated with task-related charts, metrics, and other performance indicators.

Advanced charting with drill down capabilities

Quickly modify a module’s date range and other variables to create specific views.  Also, many of our dashboard modules have the ability to drill down into the underlying data set.  This allows users to quickly understand and analyze what is driving a particular result.