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Wouldn’t you like to make your meetings more organized and meaningful?  WorkView is the first and only enterprise work management platform with a built-in meeting manager.   Centralize all your meeting material in one place.  Assign action items to individuals and track progress in real time.  WorkView puts you back in charge of your meetings.

Centralized Repository

WorkView stores everything related to your meeting in a centralized repository.  This enables everyone associated with the meeting to quickly access the most current agenda, documents, emails, meeting notes, and other material related to the meeting.


Begin every meeting with a purpose.  WorkView allows you to create an agenda for each meeting.  This helps to set expectations for the meeting and make the meeting more efficient.

Meeting Notes

Every attendee can take their own notes during a meeting.  WorkView also allows users to share their notes with one or more of the attendees.  This allows one person to be the official note taker and then easily share the notes with all the other attendees.

Attach Documents

Users can attach any file to a meeting.  Files can quickly be uploaded directly from your computer, Box,  or Dropbox. Using Box or Dropbox, users can also choose whether they want to attach the actual file or simply create a link to the file.

Attach Emails

Each meeting has a unique email address that allows users to forward any email to a meeting.  Alternatively, if users have implemented our Exchange interface then users can simply select the emails they want to attach directly from within WorkView – no forwarding required.  All emails are displayed in full HTML format and include all attachments.

Action Items

Tired of people not following through on their meeting assignments?  WorkView allows you to assign action items for each meeting.  These action items immediately flow into each person’s individual task list so they never get lost.  You will always know the exact status of every action assigned from a meeting.

Link Meetings to Tasks

WorkView allows you to link meetings to tasks.  This enables all attendees to have access to all meeting material, including documents, emails, meeting notes and action items directly from the task.

Integrates with Microsoft Exchange

Our meeting manager fully integrates with Microsoft Exchange.  This means every meeting initiated from WorkView gets added to your Outlook calendar, and every meeting originating from Outlook gets pulled into WorkView.

Meeting Invites with Standard ICS Files

When you create a new meeting from WorkView all attendees will receive an email invitation with a standard .ics file.  This ensures your meeting invite will get captured by all major calendar and scheduling systems.