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Most project management solutions are overly complex and nearly impossible to figure out. Our project management solution has all the features you want without over complicating the process. Plus, our clean, simple and intuitive interface makes getting started a snap. Finally – project management for the rest of us!


Unlimited Layers of Sub-Tasks

WorkView can handle your most complex projects.  There is no limit to the number of layers you can create for sub-tasks.  This gives you flexibility to build in all the layers of detail you need.

Create Projects from Templates

Do you have repetitive complex projects like new employee onboarding, managing a monthly close process, or processing customer orders?  WorkView allows you to create a template once and then quickly launch your new project with the click of a button.

Create Projects from Existing Projects

WorkView allows you to clone the project structure from any existing project.  You can quickly make whatever changes are needed and launch your new project in record time.

Project Dashboards and Analytics

It is said that a picture says a thousand words.  That is why we created numerous dashboard modules that provide a snapshot of your projects and other operational data at a glance.  Many of these dashboards are interactive and can be configured to provide you the exact data set you want exactly when you need it.

Centralized Work Repository

Quit sending outdated spreadsheets and status updates through email.  WorkView stores everything related to your task in a centralized repository.  This enables everyone associated with the task to quickly access the most current documents, emails, meeting notes, discussion threads and other material related to the task.

Assign Tasks to Anyone

Do you need to work with people outside of your organization?  WorkView allows you to quickly create guest accounts on the fly and assign tasks to anyone with an email address without requiring additional user seats.

Unlimited Guest Accounts

You can invite anyone with an email address to participate in a task.  Guests will have access to tasks they have been specifically asked to participate in but cannot create new tasks.  This allows you to open up your work management platform to anyone you choose without purchasing additional licenses.

Built in work flows

WorkView has developed all the work flows you need to professionally manage your projects.  These work flows provide some basic structure to the task and help you avoid communication failures.  Sample work flows include task assignment/acceptance, requests for progress updates and task performance reviews.


Nobody likes to get flooded with unwanted task update emails.  We do notifications a little differently.  Users have complete control over what type of notifications they receive and how they receive those notifications (i.e. email, text etc).

Bring teams together

It’s time to get off of email.  Our work management platform helps you bring teams together to collaborate on specific tasks or projects.  All your data is in one place with a built-in communication platform that encourages collaboration and execution.

Real-Time Communication Platform

What if I have questions during a task?  What if I need input from multiple users on a particular topic?  No problem – WorkView has a built-in communication platform that enables users to actively collaborate with each other in real time.  Users can also be notified of new thread activity via text and then immediately respond via text.

Flexible Data Access Controls

Need to have a private discussion thread with a subset of the work team?  No problem.  WorkView allows users to share task content with everyone on the team or just specific users.  The users are in complete control over who sees specific data.

Simple learning curve

WorkView is designed to be simple, intuitive, and easy to use.  We guide new users every step of the way to ensure they can hit the ground running.  We also provide multiple live online training classes each week and have embedded training videos throughout the app.  This ensures users can always get help exactly when they need it.

Modify Projects in Draft Mode Before Publishing

It takes time to properly organize and setup projects.  WorkView starts all projects in Draft mode.  This allows you to play with the project structure, staffing, and timing to get it just right.  When you are ready, you simply publish the project to send all the task assignments to your team members.

Extensive Report Library

WorkView provides an extensive library of dynamic reports.  You can even apply various filters to ensure you get exactly the data you need in the exact format you want.  Plus, each report is fully enabled with drill down capabilities, giving you access to all the underlying data.  Of course, each report can be exported to PDF or Excel format.  

Custom Reports and Dashboards

Do you have complex reporting requirements or need something special?  No problem - our custom reports team is awesome!  Whether you are looking for a custom report or a custom dashboard, if the data is in our system we can build it.  This ensures you will always have access to the EXACT data you need in the EXACT format you need.  

Project Folders

Time to get organized!  WorkView allows you to organize all your projects into folders.  Simply create your folder structure and then drag and drop your project into the appropriate folder.  You can even hide the folder structure when you don’t need it, maximizing your workspace.