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Tasks come in all shapes and sizes.  Your to do list is always growing, and it is important you select a work management platform that can handle simple tasks, complex projects and everything in between. WorkView was designed from the ground up to allow you to quickly capture ALL of your work in one place.


Manage Simple Tasks

Working within structured projects works great for some of your work, but what do you do with everything else that comes across your desk throughout the day?  It is time to get rid of your post-it notes, notepads and to-do lists because WorkView captures all of your simple daily tasks quickly and efficiently.

Manage Complex Tasks

WorkView allows you to manage the most complex projects with ease.  Quickly create sub-tasks with no limits on the number of nested layers you can add.  Need to collaborate with a large team?  No problem.  You can invite an unlimited number of people to participate on any task.

Recurring Tasks

Are you tired of trying to manage all your recurring tasks? Let WorkView put them on autopilot! Setup is easy and takes only a few seconds. Our robust task engine not only creates your recurring tasks, but also automatically schedules time on your calendar. Talk about a time saver!

View Your Entire Workload in One Place

WorkView was designed to track ALL your work.  Finally, you can have a consolidated view of everything you are working on.  This enables you to better prioritize and manage your workload.  It also helps you better communicate with others and set expectations on your capacity and availability to take on new tasks.

Centralized Work Repository

Quit sending outdated spreadsheets and status updates through email.  WorkView stores everything on your to do list in a centralized repository.  This enables everyone associated with the task to quickly access the most current documents, emails, meeting notes, discussion threads and other material related to the task.

Task Dependencies

Are you struggling to manage task dependencies? WorkView enables you to manage complex workflows, including the ability to launch a new task only after another task has been completed. Notifications are automatically sent to the right people at the right time. This eliminates communication issues and keeps your project moving.

Assign Tasks to Anyone

Do you need to work with people outside of your organization?  WorkView allows you to quickly create guest accounts on the fly and assign tasks to anyone with an email address without requiring additional user licenses.

Unlimited Guest Accounts

You can invite anyone with an email address to participate in a task.  Guests will have access to tasks they have been specifically asked to participate in but cannot create new tasks.  This allows you to open up your work management platform to anyone you choose without purchasing additional user seats.

Built in work flows

WorkView has developed all the work flows you need to professionally manage your tasks.  These work flows provide some basic structure to the task and help you avoid communication failures.  Sample work flows include task assignment/acceptance, requests for progress updates and task performance reviews.

Calendar Integration

Are you tired of trying to sync your to-do list with your calendar? WorkView fully integrates with Outlook and enables you to schedule blocks of time for any task directly from our app! This fully connects your work management system with your time management system. Brilliant!

Custom Fields

Do you need to track specific data points? WorkView enables you to create your personal library of custom fields which can be added to any task. You can select the type of custom field, such as a drop-down list, text box or a date field. You can even share your custom fields with others (e.g., entire company, a specific department, specific people, etc).


Nobody likes to get flooded with unwanted task update emails.  We do notifications a little differently.  Users have complete control over what type of notifications they receive and how they receive those notifications (i.e.  email, text, etc).


It is said that a picture says a thousand words.  That is why we created numerous dashboard modules that provide a snapshot of your tasks and other operational data at a glance.  Many of these dashboards are interactive and can be configured to provide you the exact data set you want exactly when you need it.

Bring teams together

It’s time to get off of email.  Our work management platform helps you bring teams together and collaborate on specific tasks or projects.  All your data is in one place with a built-in communication platform that encourages collaboration and execution.

Real-Time Communication Platform

What if I have questions during a task?  What if I need input from multiple users on a particular topic?  No problem – WorkView has a built-in communication platform that enables users to actively collaborate with each other in real time.  Users can also be notified of new thread activity via text and then immediately respond via text.

Flexible Data Access Controls

Need to have a private discussion thread with a subset of the work team?  No problem.  WorkView allows users to share task content with everyone on the team or just specific users.  The users are in complete control over who sees specific data.

Due Dates for Every Task

It is all about managing expectations and setting yourself up for success.  WorkView allows you to set due dates for every task so you can set appropriate expectations and better manage your workload.

Health Status

Users are able to assign a simple red, yellow, or green health status to any task.  This allows all team members to quickly see the overall health status of any task.  It also acts as a beacon so team members can identify problem tasks at a glance.


Do you ever need to combine or group tasks that aren’t obviously connected?  WorkView allows you to apply multiple tags to any task.  This helps you combine and group tasks into any category or grouping you choose.

Track Progress

Quickly communicate the progress for any task.  Update the progress once, and WorkView takes care of notifying all the team members of progress changes.  Our built-in workflows also allow you to request progress updates at any time.

Track Budgeted and Actual Time

WorkView provides the ability to track budgeted and actual time for any task.  This enables you to determine how efficient your team is performing.  It also helps set appropriate expectations by ensuring tasks are appropriately scoped before work begins.

Attach Documents

Users can attach any file to a task.  Files can quickly be uploaded directly from your computer, Box,  or Dropbox. Using Box or Dropbox, users can also choose whether they want to attach the actual file or simply create a link to the file.

Attach Emails

Each task has a unique email address that allows users to forward any email to a task.  Alternatively, if users have implemented our Exchange interface then users can simply select the emails they want to attach directly from within WorkView – no forwarding required.  All emails are displayed in full HTML format and include all attachments.

Outlook Plugin

Email is still king, but it is time to evolve.  Our Outlook Plugin allows you to instantly create a new task directly from any email.  You can also quickly attach emails in Outlook to any existing task or meeting in WorkView, or link any meeting in Outlook to any task.

Meeting Management

Did you know WorkView has a complete meeting management module?  You can attach any meeting to your task and then share the agenda, meeting notes, or action items that resulted from that meeting.

Real time performance feedback

If you receive a task from someone else, they can provide you with performance feedback immediately after the task is completed.  Users are evaluated on communication, quality, and timeliness, along with some narrative feedback.

Give praise with fun animations

Recognizing high performers costs you nothing, but can dramatically improve morale and decrease turnover.  As part of your performance review process you can choose to assign any of our 15 fun animations to recognize your top performers.

Detailed Audit Trail

WorkView is the source of truth for what actually happened.  We maintain a detailed log of all task activity.  This is a great solution for dispute resolution as well as those concerned with GRC, SOX and other compliance issues.

Immediately Identify Road Blocks

WorkView highlights tasks where someone is waiting on you to do something (i.e. accept a task, provide an update, etc).  This ensures all tasks keep moving forward and you are not becoming a road block.

Fully Configurable Task Display

See your entire workload in one place.  Configure the columns to only display the data you want to see in the exact order you want to see them.  Group and sort your tasks to generate the exact view you are looking for.  You have complete flexibility over how your tasks are presented.

Simple learning curve

WorkView is designed to be simple, intuitive, and easy to use. We guide new users every step of the way to ensure they can hit the ground running.  We also embed training videos throughout the app and offer live chat support. This ensures users can always get help exactly when they need it.

Extensive Report Library

WorkView provides an extensive library of dynamic reports.  You can even apply various filters to ensure you get exactly the data you need in the exact format you want.  Plus, each report is fully enabled with drill down capabilities, giving you access to all the underlying data.  Of course, each report can be exported to PDF or Excel format.