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Do you have complex projects that are recurring in nature?  WorkView allows you to create a template once and then quickly modify and launch the project whenever you need it.  Not only does this save you hours of setup time, but it also ensures quality, consistency and that no steps are omitted.


Create a template from any existing project or template.

No need to build every template from scratch.  WorkView allows you to quickly create a template from any existing project or template.  Import the task structure into our template builder, make whatever changes you like, and then you are done.  Simple.

Share templates with other users

WorkView gives users complete control over who has access to each of their templates.  You can quickly share templates with one or more users.

Preview before launching your templates

Launching a template creates a new project in draft mode.  Of course, you will be able to review and modify the project structure, task assignment, and timing before you publish any project.