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Time tracking

We work in a fast-paced, dynamic world, but nobody has time to be burdened with overly complex time tracking systems.  At the same time, it is extremely important to understand where you are spending your time throughout the day.  WorkView designed a simple elegant time tracking system that allows users to capture basic information and return meaningful insight your workday.


Fast Time Capture

We designed our time tracking system to be simple and fast.  Users can record time as they go, or wait until the end of the day and record the entire day’s activity at once.  The entire process takes less than 5 minutes per day.

Improve Communication

Tracking time allows you to better understand how you are spending your day.  It also allows your manager to better understand your workload.  Regardless of your perspective you should see a marked improvement in communication because you finally have the data so you can start asking the right questions.

View Activity Over Time

View your activity over a period of time.  Want to see what a person worked on over the past 2 weeks?  Want to group time by task instead of date?  WorkView allows you to group and sort the data so you can always view the data the way you want.

Time Entry

Users can choose whether they enter their time manually or through our built-in stopwatch.  Simply start the timer when you are working on a task and stop the timer when you are done - WorkView automatically records the time entry for you.

Track All Your Time

Not only does WorkView allow you to track how much time you spend on any task, but it also allows you to track all of your non-task time as well.  Users just enter a description and the duration of time – simple.

Measure Estimated vs Actual Task Time

Tracking time allows users to compare estimated vs actual time spent on any task.  This will help users identify scoping issues and better set expectations on how long a task should take to complete.

Measure Utilization

Utilization is a key productivity measurement.  Tracking time allows users to determine how much of their time was spent on productive vs non-productive work.  WorkView allows users to track and monitor utilization for any user.