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Data protection

WorkView is fully committed to treating your data with the utmost care and integrity. We have deployed modern technologies and best practices to guard against unauthorized access to your data. Click here to view our complete Privacy Policy.


Separate Database for Each Customer

We never co-mingle your data with other companies. Your data is always stored in a dedicated database and only accessible by the people you authorize.

Data Encryption

Your data, whether in transit or at rest (including backups), is always encrypted with modern cryptographic algorithms.

Data Access Controls

Users only see the data they need to see. Admins have the ability to specify what data each user has access to.

Credit Card Data

We do not store any credit card data on our servers.  All such data is stored and maintained with our PCI level 1 compliant payment processor.

Data Backups

We continuously backup our servers to ensure your data is always protected and readily accessible in the event of a failure.