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WorkView is an extremely robust work management platform that solves BIG operational problems across every department in your company.  Whether you are simply trying to better organize everything on your plate, or are managing complex work flows, WorkView is the only solution that helps you drive visibility, communication and accountability throughout your organization.

Use Cases by Department

  • Finance

    • Manage monthly financial close process
    • Audit preparation
    • Budget planning
    • Ad hoc project management
    • Leave and clear review comments

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  • Human Resource

    • On-boarding new employees
    • Real time performance feedback
    • Aggregate performance scores over time
    • Compliance reporting
    • Transition management
  • Operations

    • Order fulfillment management
    • Performance metrics and KPIs
    • Utilization reporting
    • People management
    • Workload management
  • Marketing

    • Collaborate with multiple people
    • Share documents, emails and files
    • Invite guests into projects
    • Manage remote resources
    • Full visibility into workload
  • IT

    • Manage simple or complex projects
    • Detailed audit trail for compliance tracking
    • Structured process management
    • On-boarding new users
    • Transition management
  • Everyone Else

    • Organize and manage all your work
    • Full visibility into your team
    • Review work assigned to others
    • Real time performance feedback
    • Manage simple or complex projects